Changelog for Slackpkgplus current
Wed Sep 7 09:24:29 CEST 2022
pkg/slackpkg+-1.8.0-noarch-7mt.txz: Rebuilt
- egrep deprecated. thx to ma marav

Sat May 7 01:31:38 CEST 2022
pkg/slackpkg+-1.8.0-noarch-6mt.txz: Rebuilt
- wget2 did print CWD
- fixed typo in documentation

Sat May 7 01:06:13 CEST 2022
pkg/slackpkg+-1.8.0-noarch-5mt.txz: Rebuilt
- wget2 does not honor WGETOPTS

Mon Apr 18 18:19:11 CEST 2022
pkg/slackpkg+-1.8.0-noarch-4mt.txz: Rebuilt
- Show filename in wget2 instead directory

Sun Apr 3 19:29:38 CEST 2022
pkg/slackpkg+-1.8.0-noarch-3mt.txz: Rebuilt
- Manage '+' in $TEMP path
- Remove obsolete or broken repositories from list
- Add SBo 15.0

Wed Feb 16 15:50:11 CET 2022
pkg/slackpkg+-1.8.0-noarch-2mt.txz: Rebuilt
- slackpkg update will return exit code 2 on broken slackware mirrors
- Advice if you are installing a wrong release of multilibs.
- Make difference in switching from current >15.0 or from <15.0 to 15.0

Thu Feb 3 11:18:01 CET 2022
pkg/slackpkg+-1.8.0-noarch-1mt.txz: Upgrade
Hello, World! Slackware 15.0 was finally released so slackpkg+ has
been adapted, so we can release Slackpkg+ 1.8.0 final release. Also
some third party repositories are ready. A notice: starting from now
/slackpkg+/ official repository will contain slackpkg+ 1.8 (an alias
o /slackpkg+15/ repository, unless you are using wget/curl/lftp from
slackware 14.2; in this case the site automatically show slackpkg+1.7.
You can put for historical reason
in slackpkgplus.conf, but you are encouraged to use or /slackpkg+dev/ instead it.
I thank everyone for contributing by reporting bugs or new proposal.
Special thanks to those who maintain the repositories, that make
slackpkg+ useful.

Sat Jan 29 16:42:01 CET 2022
pkg/slackpkg+-1.8.rc3-noarch-1mt.txz: Upgrade
- Give a chance to disable the packages cache purge.
- some cosmetic report (thx to marav)
- small issue trying to clean cache directory
- A minor in slackpkg info on sbo packages
- Generated 1.8 branch on github and slakfinder repositories
- New repository /slackpkg+1.8/ and a dynamic repository /slackpkg+/
that automatically select a release for slackware 14.2 o 15.0

Sun Jan 16 00:05:32 CET 2022
pkg/slackpkg+-1.8.rc2-noarch-1mt.txz: Upgrade
- Fixed an advice at first 1.8 install
- Fixed slackpkg info for sbo packages
- Avoid slackpkg runs update before load slackpkg+ code
- Fixed automatic rebuild pkglist

Fri Jan 14 20:49:06 CET 2022
pkg/slackpkg+-1.8.rc1-noarch-2mt.txz: Rebuilt
- Advice to run /var/lib/pkgtools/setup/ if some upgrade
delete the /usr/bin/vi link (may happens upgrading from 14.2 to 15.0)
- Protect from slackware downgrades in case of wrong slackware mirror
- Report in /var/run/needs_restarting if some upgrade needs a reboot
(from a non-release feature of slackpkg)
- does not try to configure grub, just re-configure if
it is already configure

Thu Jan 13 10:48:24 CET 2022
pkg/slackpkg+-1.8.rc1-noarch-1mt.txz: Upgrade
Slackware 15.0 rc3 has been released, declared as 99% freezed.
Slackpkg too has had many changes, fix and improvement, and it's the
time for slackpkg+ 1.8 to be declared ready. See the CHANGES in
documentation for all improvements.
- Regression on (not-needed) gpg key check on dir:/ repository

Tue Jan 11 21:42:33 CET 2022
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.11-noarch-2mt.txz: Rebuilt
- Automatically download gpg key if needed if STRICTGPG=on.
If STRICTGPG=off you need to manually run slackpkg update gpg every
time you add a new repository.

Tue Jan 11 19:24:04 CET 2022
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.11-noarch-1mt.txz: Upgrade
- also supports grub (thanks to RezaT4795)
- repositories.lst updated
- Added "comma" syntax. Now you can add a comma (,) at start or at end
of packagename to match the exact name, so "libreoffice," does match
the "libreoffice" package and not the libreoffice-dict-* ecc. for ex:
slackpkg upgrade libreoffice,
slackpkg install alienbob:libreoffice,
slackpkg download libreoffice,
slackpkg search libreoffice,

Sun Dec 19 23:40:59 CET 2021
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.10-noarch-1mt.txz: Upgrade
- According to slackpkg 15.0.9, automatically rebuild package lists if
missing or not build by slackpkg+

Tue Oct 26 10:10:23 CEST 2021
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.9-noarch-1mt.txz: Upgrade
- According to slackpkg 15.0.8 new exit codes was added in slackpkg+ too:
0 Successful Slackpkg execution.
1 Something wrong happened.
2 Something fatal happened. (not available in slackpkg)
20 No package found to be downloaded, installed, reinstalled, upgraded
or removed.
50 Slackpkg itself was upgraded and you need to re-run it.
100 There are pending updates.
Please: do not ignore the fatal output!

Sat Oct 16 15:39:45 CEST 2021
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.8-noarch-1mt.txz: Upgrade
- New feature: CHECKDISKSPACE=on in configuration enable checking
diskspace before download and install packages
- Fixed an issue on zlookkernel when /boot/vmlinuz is a symlink to another

Fri Jul 9 00:47:35 CEST 2021
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.7-noarch-1mt.txz: Upgrade
- Added support for SBo-current repository (by cgit ponce)
- slackpkg download <package> can download SBo scripts
- Replaced SBOURL with array SBO to allow multiple repository. please
do not change the default value.

Sun Jul 4 23:51:46 CEST 2021
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.6-noarch-9mt.txz: Rebuilt
- Just updated repositories in documentation and in sample config
file. Note that some repository now force ssl, and bear.alienbase.ln
moved to and moved to
If not explicitly put it in configuration files, the cached downloader
may not work properly. So it's important update slackpkgplus.conf

Sun Jul 4 19:57:22 CEST 2021
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.6-noarch-8mt.txz: Rebuilt
- slackpkg update now force to download all metadata if conf file
change (thanks to chrisretusn)
- 'slackpkg download <full-package-name>' works

Fri Jun 11 16:25:43 CEST 2021
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.6-noarch-7mt.txz: Rebuilt
- Removed bash completion file (already included in slackpkg)

Fri Jun 11 15:36:58 CEST 2021
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.6-noarch-6mt.txz: Rebuilt
- slackpkg 15.0.5 incompatible gpg hardening.

Wed May 26 20:31:25 CEST 2021
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.6-noarch-5mt.txz: Rebuilt
- cached_downloader did not correctly honor VERBOSE >= 2

Fri May 14 21:01:28 CEST 2021
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.6-noarch-4mt.txz: Rebuilt
- bad package

Fri May 14 20:53:06 CEST 2021
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.6-noarch-3mt.txz: Rebuilt
- fix some regression with use of link

Thu May 13 22:37:45 CEST 2021
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.6-noarch-2mt.txz: Rebuilt
- link instead copy for local repositories (thanks to zdolar)
- WGETOPTS="-q" works with links too (use it with USETERSE=on)
- zlookkernel did not honor PLUGIN_ZLOOKKERNEL_PROMPT=off correctly

Wed May 12 00:02:47 CEST 2021
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.6-noarch-1mt.txz: Upgrade
- Added LEGACYBL to allow slackpkg+ to use the previous blacklist system
- Fix 'continue' error message with -dialog=off
- Print "Package:" on the same line of progress counter in downloading

Mon May 3 10:05:41 CEST 2021
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.5-noarch-2mt.txz: Rebuilt
- Not really need to rerun slackpkg update.
- blacklist works as slackpkg

Mon Mar 29 21:19:36 CEST 2021
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.5-noarch-1mt.txz: Upgrade
- Added TERSESEARCH to show a compact output in search function (thanks to

Sat Mar 20 23:01:33 CET 2021
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.4-noarch-3mt.txz: Rebuilt
- Fix exit code for check-updates (slackpkg 15.0.1); now it return 1 if
there are updates available
- Fix an incompatibility with dir:// repository and slackpkg 15.0.1

Mon Mar 8 21:45:32 CET 2021
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.4-noarch-2mt.txz: Rebuilt
- does remove CHECKSUMS.md5 instead pkglist
- fix slackbuild
- shorter pause after some warning
- suppress some check-updates warning when run as non-root user
- Improved ZLookKernel:
Monitor other than vmlinuz (i.e. vmlinuz-generic)
Run it from cmdline directly
Configure it to ask less confirmation
Better documentation (open the to read it)

Tue Mar 2 17:31:29 CET 2021
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.4-noarch-1mt.txz: Upgrade
This release does not introduce feature on the core; just add a section to
configuration file to enable some currently hidden feature.
- Added plugin section. Now we can enable or disable sperimental plugin
from configuration file. Currently we have two plugins.
- ZLookKernel: help you to rebuild the initrd and install lilo or EFI elilo
- ZChangeLog: generate a changelog for all repository at every 'update'

Mon Mar 1 20:40:19 CET 2021
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.3-noarch-1mt.txz: Upgrade
Starting from 1.7.1, slackpkg+ no longer supports Slackware 14.2 (i.e.
slackpkg-15.0). It advice you to downgrade to 1.7.0. Now we can fix some
things that can break the backward compatibility.
- from 2.84.0_beta1: Use CHECKSUMS.md5.asc to determine ChangeLog newness
- from 2.84.0_beta11: check-updates change the messages and print the
"no updates" in stdout and "updates available" in stderr. If you are
using automatic scripts be sure to fix it.
- now both work properly with slackpkg+

Thu Feb 25 12:56:55 CET 2021
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.2-noarch-2mt.txz: Rebuilt
- Solved bad progress bar in download/upgrade process

Wed Feb 24 22:07:25 CET 2021
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.2-noarch-1mt.txz: Upgrade
It's the time to summarize all changes.
As always, a big thanks goes to phenixia2003 and all other contributor
Now we can summarise the changes. You can find a full list in the CHANGES
documentation file
slackpkg+ 1.7.2 adds new features with some new entries in configuration file
that you should merge in your old slackpkgplus.conf:
SBOURL , USETERSE , PROXY , USEBL (not new but changed the values)
also some default values was changed from 1.7 to 1.7.2
see README for details.
New features:
- Now slackpkgplus.conf has a manpage, also available in italian
- Now we have a "fatal log". If it occurs please does not ignore it!
- Now we can search packages in SBo repository. (does not replace sbopkg)
- Now we can use httpdir/httpsdir/ftpdir repositories without metadata
- Added an optional zlookkernel script to allow slackpkg to update initrd
- Quick output for Cached Download for a most clear output.
- Improved output for 'slackpkg search'
- Replaced Spinning with Percentage
- Better output for download/install process
- Now cachedupdate support HTTP/2 servers
- bash_completion is now enabled by default
- slackpkg+ currently does not support $ROOT
- slackpkg-15 uses a new blacklist syntax; this works fine with slackpkg+
but just for blacklist; don't use it for greylist

Mon Feb 15 21:14:31 CET 2021
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.1-noarch-1mt.txz: Upgrade
- This is a temporary release
- Slackpkg+ devel no longer supports slackware 14.2

Mon Feb 8 18:41:17 CET 2021
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.0d1-noarch-13mt.txz: Rebuilt
- Fixed some regression on blacklist with slackpkg-15

Mon Jan 25 16:50:48 CET 2021
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.0d1-noarch-12mt.txz: Rebuilt
- Other fix for counter on big package lists (thank chrisretusn for reporting)
- Reverted zlookkernel. It need more testing.

Sun Jan 24 20:19:11 CET 2021
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.0d1-noarch-11mt.txz: Rebuilt
- Fixed counter on big package lists (thank chrisretusn for reporting)
- Added percentage to download process
- Improved "Installing..." and "Upgrading..." messages
- zlookkernel: select huge or generic kernel according the running
kernel instead the vmlinuz link
- Removed ktown from default repositories

Sun Mar 15 21:36:19 CET 2020
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.0d1-noarch-10mt.txz: Rebuilt
- Small fix in search packages
- Added httpdir/httpsdir/ftpdir repository type. See documentation.

Sun Mar 8 17:28:40 CET 2020
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.0d1-noarch-9mt.txz: Rebuilt
- Regression due percentage improvements

Sun Mar 8 13:58:45 CET 2020
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.0d1-noarch-8mt.txz: Rebuilt
- Extends percentage where possible.
- Align check-updates messages with slackpkg 2.84
- Catch errors and return exit status: 1 for warning, 2 for fatal

Tue Feb 18 08:30:10 CET 2020
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.0d1-noarch-7mt.txz: Rebuilt
- Replace SPINNING with PROGRESS status
- Small fix the Cached Downloader output
- Added USETERSE option to enable --terse on pkgtools
- Added PROXY to use a proxy
- Fix for servers using HTTP/2 on
- Fix search where there are duplicated packages (thanks phenixia2003)
- Improved upgrade info on search (thanks phenixia2003)
- Added Added /usr/libexec/slackpkg/ tool. Edit it to see instructions.

Thu Jan 3 12:18:57 CET 2019
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.0d1-noarch-6mt.txz: Rebuilt
- Allow to use the blacklist system from slackpkg 2.84 (still in beta).
Only impact install/upgrade/remove options, and does not impact
- Fixed searching groups (a, ap, ...) instead packages
- Fix for servers using HTTP/2 on cached downloader

Fri Jun 15 18:25:33 CEST 2018
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.0d1-noarch-5mt.txz: Rebuilt
- Fix incompatibility with slackpkg prior 2.83.0-noarch-3

Fri Jun 15 16:09:51 CEST 2018
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.0d1-noarch-4mt.txz: Rebuilt
- Fix incompatibility with slackpkg-2.83.0-noarch-3
- Fix setupmultilib script. It did use oldstyle 'multilib:'
- Fix a regression in TAG PRIORITY
- Handle the case where /var/log/packages is a symlink

Thu Apr 26 23:49:04 CEST 2018
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.0d1-noarch-3mt.txz: Rebuilt
- Do not log 'install.log' and 'fatal.log' when DOWNLOADONLY=on
- issue with slackpkg-2.83 (development release)

Sat Apr 14 00:09:27 CEST 2018
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.0d1-noarch-2mt.txz: Rebuilt
- Add a fatal.log for messages that users should not ignore.
Currently it log if a package fails to install/upgrade/remove.
- slackpkg upgrade did not work with slackpkg-2.83 (development release)
- Fixed when server response is 302
- smaller output for slackpkg search

Sun Oct 2 13:55:26 CEST 2016
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.0d1-noarch-1mt.txz: Upgrade
- Added SBo support. This does not replace sbopkg. It just search in and report the url to download to build and install
packages yourself.

Fri Jul 8 19:18:29 CEST 2016
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.0d0-noarch-4mt.txz: Rebuilt
- Slackware 14.2 was finally released. Updated repository list.
- Added manpage for the configuration file (man slackpkgplus.conf)
- bash_completion is now enabled by default
- Improved (now write PACKAGES.TXT size and last update time)
- Changed some default settings in sample configuration file; also
USEBL accepts on/off instead 0/1

Wed Jun 22 21:05:15 CEST 2016
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.0d0-noarch-3mt.txz: Rebuilt
- slackpkg search did not honor the '+' symbol (thanks to yars)

Wed Jun 22 00:01:56 CEST 2016
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.0d0-noarch-2mt.txz: Rebuilt
- slackpkg check-updates did not work unless you set VERBOSE=3 (thanks to

Tue Jun 15 00:45:00 CEST 2016
pkg/slackpkg+-1.7.0d0-noarch-1mt.txz: Upgraded
Setting up mainline branch.
- Fixed some typos and missed SEARCH_CLOG_INPARENT documentation in README
- Suppress wget output in ChangeLog downloading
- Fixed an issue when an invalid repository is configured

Version 1.7.0rc3 - 03/Jun/2016
This could be the last batch of updates before 1.7.0 stable, so please test!
- dialog did no more trap develop errors (but if occurs please report it)
- givepriority did drop matched package if it is the first in pkglist
- Added /usr/src/slackpkg+-*/slackpkg.bash_completation. Edit it for

Version 1.7.0rc2 - 02/Jun/2016
- ChangeLog did not skipped for dir:/ repositories
- ChangeLog did not show correctly certain slackware changelog
- dir:/ repositories does not need STRICTGPG nor GPG key; however remember
that if .asc file exists a key must be manually imported
- Removed since it was bugged and no longer supported
- Repositories in default configuration file are bumped to 14.2
- Full 1.7.0 changes tracked in CHANGES file
- Added /usr/libexec/slackpkg/ tool. Edit it to see instructions.

Version 1.7.0rc1 - 19/May/2016
- WW_FILE_SEARCH did affect file search AND package search
- fixed warning in update when one repository does not have the changelog
- ignore the package extension in package selection
- fixed a regression in dir: repository

Version 1.7.b4.3 - 02/May/2016
- Optimized code for generating ChangeLogs. (phenixia2003)

Version 1.7.b4.2 - 18/Apr/2016
- Improved cached downloader with specifics output for ChangeLogs
- Fixed a bug in TAG_PRIORITY when the package is not installed
- Improved performance in upgrade by skipping priority check for
not installed packages

Version 1.7.b4.1 - 15/Apr/2016
- slackpkg allow ChangeLog for third-party repositories too.
- Reduced verbosity in cached downloader == most clear output.

Version 1.7.b4 - 14/Mar/2016
- slackpkg search now search in dir:// repositories too.
- subdirectory allowed in dir:// repositories.
- slackpkg search honour correctly the '+' character
- Added 'ChangeLog' dialog box to show the changelog of selected packages
(thanks to phenixia2003)

Version 1.7.b3 - 27/Feb/2016
- Added WW_FILE_SEARCH to file-search whole-words o not (thanks to yars068)
- Colorized the slackpkg search results
- Added DETAILED_INFO to allow slackpkg info to show many details on the
- slackpkg reinstall fixed; also now allow to choose the repository as in
install/upgrade; this becouse there more than one repository containing
identicals packages.
- dir:// repositories and inline repositories has most priority

Version 1.7.b2 - 29/Jan/2016
- Avoid slackpkg to corrupt the slackware database if there are some manual
upgrade in progress.
- Fixed a regression in TAG_PRIORITY.
- Added spinning in check-updates.
- Fixed bad trap CTRL+C when spinning is on.
- Fixed a regression in SENSITIVE_SEARCH.
- Cached Download works with check-updates too.
- check-updates shows downloader output if VERBOSE=3

Version 1.7.b1 - 18/Jan/2016
Well, I think that we can mark that version as Beta. It does not contains
new features, but it was done a large work of bugfixes and improvements.
A special thanks is for phenixia2003 and yars068 for code contributing and
for many other for ideas and testing. It's the time for the tests, to find
for bugs or someother improvement.
- Improved greylist. Now it allow to match the name in installed packages,
so it also impact remove and clean-system actions.
- Improved performance searching packages and preparing the package list in
large install/upgrade.
- Improved 'slackpkg search' that now shows all packages matching from all
repositories, not just that in priority; it will mark as 'masked' the
packages that would not selected in install/upgrade mode. Also always show
repository source for official packages.
- Quick output for Cached Download..
- Does not show notices to remember to run 'slackpkg update' when running
slackpkg check-updates.
- Fixed Download Only when upgrade base packages (aaa_base, pkgtools...).
- Fixed a bug in slackpkg upgrade when used with $ROOT.
- Repositories now can contains letters, numbers, minus and underscore
- Fixed a bug on x86 hosts when a repository contains also x86_64 packages
- Some fix in Strict GPG Check.

Version 1.7.a1 - 04/Jan/2016
It's the time for a stable version of slackpkg+. Currently it is just a
development version to fix older feature and add/test new. I'll need more
test possible to make it bugfree ;).
- Code reordering; now slackpkg+ is only
- BugFix: slackpkg did give 'grep: write error' when running with "sudo su -".
- Added repositories; improved
- Strict GPG Check: Packages and metadata in one repository should be signed
with just the root GPG-KEY. This improve security. Some repository might
want to contains heterogeneous package. In this case, set STRICTGPG=off.
- New repository for slackpkg+ development version

Version 1.6.1 - 20/Dec/2015
- Added DOWNLOADONLY to just download packages without installing it

Version 1.6.0 - 19/Dec/2015
- Added CACHEUPDATE. You can now speedup the slackpkg update by caching
metadata files.

Version 1.5.2 - 18/Dec/2015
- Fixed a missed $ROOT
- Added SHOWORDER option. It's a way to sort packages in dialog box to help
reviewing large upgrade from many repositories. The SHOWORDER option
accepts "package" "repository" "tag" "path" "arch".
- Fixed some repository url. There are already some 14.2 repositories!!!
- slackpkg+ advise you to update the pkglist before use it
- Added a script in /usr/doc/slackpkg+-* to a fast check of repositories
- slackpkg -dialog=off now show repository name as with dialog
- Added SENSITIVE_SEARCH option to search case-insensitive
(thanks to phenixia2003)
- Important fixes in the priority manager. Many thanks to all people that
reported the bugs and a Big thanks to phenixia2003 for the fix. Now we need
your help to test it.

Version 1.5.1 - 20/Nov/2015
Note for Slackware 14.1 users: slackware-current introduce important bug fix
in slackpkg 2.82.0-14 (see Slackware ChangeLog) not backported in slackware
14.1; it is not mandatory but you are encouraged to upgrade it by download it
manually; be sure to greylist slackpkg to avoid an automatic downgrade.
- The trailing slash in MIRRORPLUS[] is now optional (thanks to phenixia2003
and Didier Spaier)
- Added DOWNLOADCMD option to add a custom downloader
- Fixed a bug that causes that ALL repositories fail if ONE repository fails
(thanks to FR on Alien Pasture for reporting)
- Fixed TAG_PRIORITY to avoid impact in slackpkg install

Version 1.5.0 - 10/Jul/2015
- Fixed repositories list

Version 1.4.99 - 01/Jul/2015
- Added priority by tag. Setting TAG_PRIORITY to 'on' slackpkg+
automatically upgrade packages from repository where the tag is the same
of the already installed package.

Version 1.4.1 - 16/Jun/2015
- Fix for repositories having CHECKSUMS.md5.gz.asc

Version 1.4.0 - 13/Dec/2014
- Now the official repositories (slackware64, extra, patches...) are treated
as thirdy party repositories, so you can add it in PKGS_PRIORITY
- To put an entire repository in PKGS_PRIORITY, you no more need to add
':.*' after the name (phenixia2003)

Version 1.3.3 - 26/Oct/2014
- Patched to avoid to install glibc-debug from alienbob multilib (thanks to

Version 1.3.2 - 13/Jul/2014
- Patched to reflect changes on slackpkg 2.82.0-13

Version 1.3.1 - 7/Mar/2014
- Improved check-updates function (thanks to phenixia2003)
- Improved debug-mode

Version 1.3.0 - 1/Jan/2014
- Added a debug-mode download verbosity
- On upgrade, the status bar show available packages from every repository

Version 1.2.0 - 9/Dec/2013
- Now ALLOW32BIT also auto-greylist the 32bit packages
- Added an install log in /var/lib/slackpkg/install.log; use
'/usr/libexec/slackpkg/ -t' to create a starting
install.log (it TRY to detect the repository)

Version 1.1.0 - 6/Dec/2013
- Added ALLOW32BIT flag to allow to install 32bit packages on a 64bit system
- install only adaptative multilib by default
- Small fixes

Version 1.0.2 - 6/Dec/2013
- Moved notifications on a dedicated configuration file (notifymsg.conf)

Version 1.0.1 - 14/Nov/2013
- Fixed fatal on 'pasture' repository and on invalid repository

Version 1.0 - 11/Nov/2013
- slackpkg+ 1.0 stable finally relased
- All repositories aligned to newest slackware version
- Documentation reformatting and some typo fix (thanx to idlemoor)
- Added function 'notification on event' that allow to insert reminders
when you install/ugrade/remove some packages. See slackpkgplus.conf samples.
(thanks to phenixia2003)

Version 1.0rc3 - 28/Oct/2013
- slackpkg+ 1.0 release candidate 3. Last call. :)
- Added in /usr/doc/slackpkg+-*, an helper for configure
multilibs in slackpkgplus.conf

Version 1.0rc2 - 21/Oct/2013
- Looks like we get a slackpkg+ 1.0 release candidate 2... but things are
pretty much nailed down at this point. Please test and report any last :D
- Updated some repository to 14.1

Version 1.0rc1 - 16/Oct/2013
- Slackware 14.1 is coming up. I think that also slackpkg+ is ready so as
Slackware I mark it as rc1 :). slackpkg 2.82.0-11 added the 14.1 repositories.
Unfortuatly I don't know which third-party repository will contains 14.1
packages, so I can't add 14.1 to repositories.txt
- You can now ovverride SLACKPKGPLUS VERBOSE from command-line (as USEBL)

Version - 24/Sep/2013
- Try a better way to detect the newest version of the same package in local
or remote directory (does not guarantees 100% success)
- Try to download CHECKSUMS.md5.gz.asc if CHECKSUMS.md5.asc does not exists
(as salixos repository)

Version - 10/Sep/2013
- Fix an issue with dir:// repositories and gpg check

Version - 09/Sep/2013
- Added support for unrepositorized local directory in config file
- Added USEBL to temporary skip blacklist check (USEBL=0 slackpkg install..)

Version - 06/Sep/2013
- fixed a bug on 'slackpkg upgrade file:..'

Version 0.9.7 - 05/Sep/2013
- Added install/upgrade/reinstall from disk with file:package.txz or dir:path,
and remote with {http,ftp,htts}://site/path/[package.txz], unrepositorized
packages. Please, read the README file.
- Disallow to choice the download manager; slackpkg+ require wget AND lftp

Version - 02/Sep/2013
- fixed a bug in new dialog function (thanks to phenixia2003)

Version 0.9.6 - 01/Sep/2013
- fixed a slackpkg bug that does not recreate $WORKDIR if it does not exists.
- added repository name in dialog

Version 0.9.5 - 28/Aug/2013
- fixed a problem with some compat32 packages
- fixed a issue about packages selection with the official slackware repository
(thanks to phenixia2003)

Version 0.9.4 - 27/Aug/2013
- fixed a issue when a pattern is used multiple times in argument
- fixed a bug in install/upgrade regarding the enhanced priority
- fixed a bug in search which leads to wrong information about upgrade
- allow to to install/upgrade/reinstall/remove all the packages from
a given repository (thanks to phenixia2003 for big patch)

Version 0.9.3 - 25/Aug/2013
- fixed md5 check (thanks to AlienBob)

Version 0.9.2 - 01/Aug/2013
- allow to search the non $ARCH packages
- speed up the update process
- allow to disable the download status bar

Version 0.9.1 - 05/May/2013
- fixed an error when a folder is missing in the slackware mirror (as
- fixed a conflict searching the package 'slackpkg'
- added file-search function

Version 0.9rc3 - 01/May/2013
- added more config file checks
- fixed a bug that does not allow to use the gpg check
- fixed a bug that deny to use local slackware mirror

Version 0.9rc2 - 30/Apr/2013
- added config file checks
- fixed a bug that try to check gpg even if CHECKGPG is set to off
- fixed a bug that show compat32 packages as duplicated
- implemented 'slackpkg search'

Version 0.9rc1 - 29/Apr/2013
- added some repository

Version 0.9beta2 - 27/Apr/2013
- fixed a 'package' bug that override slackpkgplus.conf (instead .new)
- added that auto-select a configuration file depending $ARCH
- fixed priority system bug when two repositories have package with the same
full name

Version 0.9beta1 - 26/Apr/2013
- added repositories in conf file
- added a priority system for repository only
- added support to local repository

Version 0.9test1 - 26/Apr/2013
- added a priority system for repository and single packages
- added gpg support
- added explicit support for alienbob multilibs

Version 0.3beta - 10/Oct/2012
- Added slackware 14.0 in default configuration

Version 0.2beta - 28/Sep/2012
- renamed in 'slackpkg+'
- allow to add multiple repositories
- extends the slackpkg 'PRIORITY'

Version 0.1 - 12/Jul/2011
First release.
- added slacky repository to slackpkg