Happy 25th anniversary to the Slackware 1.00 release!
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"Tue Jul 17 21:16:10 UTC 2018
Happy 25th anniversary to the Slackware 1.00 release! When the original
announcement went out on Usenet, I believe it had a UTC timestamp which has
led to some confusion over whether the anniversary falls on the 16th (which
was the date when I made the post) or on the 17th (which is when most people
first saw it)... but really, what's the difference? We can celebrate on both
days as far as I'm concerned. Thanks for sticking with the project all these
years. Glad I was able to help. :)
Here's a link to the 1.00 announcement:
And here's a nice article that was posted on opensource.com:

Senaste KDE Plasma versioner
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LTS 5.12.6 (27 Juni)
5.13.3 (10 Juli)

Skypeforlinux (3 Juli)
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Senaste versionen av Skypeforlinux
Fortfarande ingen uppdatering av slackbuild

MariaDB 10.2.16 (28/6)
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Ny uppdatering av MariaDB 10.2 serien

Release notes finner ni här

4.16 kernel serien End Of Life
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Bara efter c:a två månader att 4.15 kernel blev EOL så meddelar nu Greg Kroah-Hartman i "mail listan" att 4.16 är end-of-life, 4.16.18 blir den sista släppta versionen i denna serie. 

Han rekommenderar att uppdatera till 4.17 serien istället.

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